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Tianshi College

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Tianshi College

Invested by Tiens Group Co.,Ltd, Tianshi College was esblished in 1999 with the approval of Ministry of Education and then upgraded to an undergraduate institution in 2008. It is the only private higher-education institution in Tianjin. Under the governance of the board of directors with responsibilities lying on the dean, Tianshi College is chaired by Mr. Li Jinyuan, the President of Tiens Group, and Lu Huansheng, former Vice Mayor of Tianjin, is the honorary dean.

With the objective to "cultivate senior practical talents for the whole country based in Tianjin", Tianshi College fully implements the scientific outlook on development, cooperates with enterprises by combining industry, college and research, and achieves all-round (moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic) development of students by focusing on nurturing senior practical talents, advocating quality-oriented education and developing technology application ability. There are eight faculties in the college including economics and management, electronics and computer science, foreign languages, art and design, biological engineering, automation, business and continuing education faculties. There are currently 12 bachelor majors including computer science and technology, electronic information engineering, marketing, financial management, English, art and design, animation, human resource management, labor and social security, automation, communications engineering and biological engineering, 12 higher vocational majors including marketing, electronic business, business management, computer network technology, computer applications technology, electronic information engineering technology, communications technology, business English, international trade practice, foreign-related tourism, computer art design and animated films. The college has more than 3,400 undergraduates from 23 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. The average employment rates of recent years have remained above 95%.

With beautiful environment and convenient transportation, Tianshi College has a powerful teacher resource and rich teaching experience. There are 231 full-time teachers, including 43 teachers with senior professional title (18.61% of all full-time teachers), 59 teachers with sub-senior professional title (25.54% of all full-time teachers) and 60 teachers with middle professional title (25.91% of all full-time teachers). 93 teachers have master's degree or above, which is 40.26% of all full-time teachers. The hardware environment of student apartments, canteen, multi-media classrooms, library, sports center, laboratories and gigabit backbone network in the campus has provided a solid foundation for talent production. In addition, Tianshi College has done considerable work in building extracurricular training bases. It has so far been cooperating with 28 well-known enterprises such as Microsoft and Tianjin Tiandy Digital Technology Co., Ltd to provide an easy access for students' practice, training and employment. Apart from higher education, Tianshi College is also devoted to provide social service. Under the approval of Tianjin Education Commission, the college offers adult higher education, and undertakes the program of online education and learning center of Tianjin University.

Tianshi College persists in international cooperation in education. It has established collaborative relationship with a number of famous universities in Britain, Australia, United States, Canada and Singapore to push for the international development of the college. With that on mind, the college organizes various programs such as English improvement and preparatory courses for studying abroad and hires foreign teachers to intensify English teaching and improve students' English using ability and international communication ability. In order to motivate students to work harder and achieve all-round development on campus, Tianshi College not only perfects its own scholarship system, but also follows the country's scholarship policies, resulting in 35% coverage of scholarship throughout the college.

For the past 11 years since its establishment, Tianshi College has earned remarkable reputation for its strict education administration and good education quality. It has been awarded as "advanced private school of Tianjin", "civilized school of Tianjin", and "advanced unit of students' work of Tianjin".

TIENS Internatioanl Health Industrial Park, a nearly RMB 7 billion investment project of Tiens Group that covers an area of one square kilometers.The park integrates product research & development, pilot-scale experiments, manufacturing, global logistics, international marketing, international education and training, international tourism and seminar, international rehabilitation, fitness healthcare, and health management. By combining production, studies and research, the park has become a multifunction industrial park characterized by automated production and distribution, multidenominational warehouse storages, modernized operation, people-oriented management, and eco-friendly sustainable development. It provides broad space and serves as a demontration base for the development of Tianshi College by the way of cooperating with enterprises and combinining industry, college and research. It also offers a desirable amount of job opportunities for eminent students graduated from the college.

Up to now, Tiens Group has totally invested RMB 670 million in building Tianshi College, and plans to beef up the investment in response to China's policy to develop Tianjin Binhai New District to build an international university with an area of 3.2 square kilometres and a construction area of two million and one hundred thousand square meters that accommodate 30,000 students with 20 faculties and 120 majors. 
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