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Responsabilidad Social


As a trusted corporate citizen, TIENS has witnessed grave situations, and adhered to a philosophy of corporate social responsibility. Contributing to the Society through harvesting orientation as the corporate charitable philosophy, TIENS is dedicated to the development of social charities in China and in the world. From focusing on disadvantaged groups and supporting education to protecting the environment and helping the poor, TIENS has attempted to make a contribution to the harmonious development of international society.

TIENS has consistently nurtured children's health and growth for years. In July 2004 TIENS donated RMB 3.5 million to the Tianjin Municipal Children's Art Theater in support of children's art. On May 26, 2005 TIENS donated RMB 10 million to the Chinese Red Cross Society to found the TIENS Charity Fund, and launched the TIENS Education Assistance Program and TIENS Western China Talent Cultivation Program to improve school conditions, promote the development of primary education in poverty-stricken and minority areas, and assist school leavers. In May 2002 TIENS donated 100 million Rupiah to Indonesian SOS Children Villages for the development of local SOS Children Villages. In June 2002 TIENS donated to the Ghana Children's Fund. The generous donations of Tiens Group have helped children all over the world maintain their health and happiness. In May, 2010, "TIENS Scholarship Program for Outstanding Students" was set up between Tiens Group and three universities, namely, Central University of Finance and Economics, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics and Tianjin University of Finance and Economics. In 2007, "Li Jinyuan Charitable Fund" was founded at China Charity with the investment of RMB 30 million. RMB 12 million was donated to China Education Development Foundation so as to officially set up "Li Jinyuan Education Imbursement Plan in China Education Development Foundation".

"Could I get mansions covering ten thousand miles, I'd house all the poor scholars and make them beam with smiles." said Du Fu, the great poet of the Tang Dynasty in Chinese history. This message guides Mr. Li Jinyuan to spread good fortune based on brotherly love to all citizens of the world. When the catastrophic floods in the Yangtze and Songhua Rivers happened in 1998, TIENS donated RMB 22 million to the people in the disaster area. When the SARS epidemic struck in the spring of 2003, Mr. Li Jinyuan, who was in Africa at the time, immediately returned to China, and held an urgent meeting the same night to donate RMB 3 million and healthcare products valued  RMB 42 million. Money and materials valued more than RMB 23 million was donated to Wenchuan and other earthquake disaster areas in 2008. In 2010, the first donation valued RMB 7 million including money and materials was endowed to Yushu, Qinghai earthquake disaster area.

The love that TIENS has for mankind is a genuine friendship across borders. Where there is a disaster, TIENS is there to offer assistance. The tsunami produced a hell on earth for the people of Southeast Asia, where many families were broken up and without hope. Although the tsunami was merciless, humans were merciful. Under the leadership of Mr. Li Jinyuan, TIENS citizens donated approximately RMB 4 million to the disaster area.

It is common for TIENS to donate to charities of all races and ethnicities. Since 2003 TIENS has developed into a sophisticated charity with an efficient method of dispersing donations. TIENS Group founded the TIENS Meijing International Love Foundation in order to donate to public charities.

Up till now, TIENS has donated more than RMB 1.5 billion to social charities across the world. TIENS considers its charitable giving an all-embracing, border-crossing, never-ending duty.

June 7, 2010